Stained Glass Screen Bugs
    Screen bugs are whimsical creatures that are not only a great conversation pieces, but serve a useful purpose as well...

  • Have you ever had someone run into your screendoor?
  • Place one or more of these bugs on the screen and you may never have that problem again.

  • If you have a patched hole in your screen:
  • Cover it up with a beautiful screenbug.

    • Stained glass bugs hook into the mesh of your door or window screens.
    • Like sun catchers, they allow the light from the sun to bring in colored rainbows into your home.
    • Unlike sun catchers, there are no suction cups to adhere to the glass.
    • They are weather resistant and can be left up year around.
    • Each screen bug is handmade, therefore no two are exactly the same.
    • Colors on your screen may not always be true-to-life, but are close.

    These beautiful designs are something that will bring you years of enjoyment.
    Don't be the last one on your block to have this wonderful addition to your windows year round.
    There are 6 different styles of bugs available and a variety of colors:
    Butterfly Details     Butterfly Fly Details Fly         Dragonfly Details Dragonfly        
    Bee Details Bubble Bee         Ladybug Details Ladybug/ Ladybird         Beetle Details Beetles        
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